Avalon x Banner

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Avalon x Banner


This a very resinous and fruity hybred. The male is our resurrected Avalon that is famous for its fast flowering time and amazing resin production. The mother is an amazing Banner cutting that is our highest THC producer at 27%.

Flower period:

  • 50- 55 days indoors
  • Sept 20 – Oct 5.


We are proud to release this limited edition of our old school Avalon crossed with some of our top strains. These plants will be fast growing and hardy. Avalon became famous almost 25 years ago for its fast flowering period outdoors and indoors, and of course its very resinous buds. A lot of you old timers know this strain and will really appreciate these seeds.

Classic Avalon grows very branchy and has a bushy structure. It is very hardy outdoors with strong/thick branches,
and has good mold resistance. I spent decades selecting for outdoor vigor on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Indoor growers will be just as happy as outdoor growers.

Avalon was one of my first projects in Cannabis breeding that started in 1996/97. At that time of the first cross I was still a partner in Federation Seed Company. This cross was never released as I wanted to play with it more before release to the public. The founding genetics for this cross was a male selected from a very popular west-coast Afghani x Hashplant(1996 from the boys) crossed with a(1996)DJ Short Blueberry female selection. For several years this line was selectively backcrossed and then inbred outdoors to create a stabilized line that bred true. For the following 10 years we selectively bred this variety on the humid west-coast of Vancouver Island outdoors. We always selected the most resinous, high yielding and mold resistant pheno-types. In the early 2000's it became very popular all across northern climates because of its; fast flowering, mold resistance, large yields, and abundant resin production.

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