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About Us

Next Generation Seed Company was founded in 1997, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are proud to be celebrating 25 years of quality Canadian cannabis genetics. Through-out the years a lot of strains have come and gone, laws have come and gone, but the genetics keep getting better! We have a proven track record world wide for quality seeds.

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next generation cup winners
Island Sweet Skunk wins 1st place BC Harvest cup 2002 and 2003.

In our first decade of cannabis breeding we were primarily focused on developing genetics from British Columbia, the Pacific North West, and Canada. In those years, we bred in the traditional manner and only produced regular seeds. Our seed strains became a trusted source in the British Columbia medicinal marijuana community. Several BC cannabis cups were won in the early 2000’s for our Island Sweet Skunk and Timewarp strains. Our Romulan became legendary for its extra potent buds and is still one of the strongest after all these years.

In 2009 Next Generation Seed Company was inducted into the High Times Magazine, “Breeders Hall of Fame”. Our genetics became known world-wide after several decades of happy customers. We have been featured in many international publications like: High Times magazine, Weedworld, Skunk magazine, Treating Yourself, Soft Secrets, Hanf, and many more.  Including 3 cover photos on Skunk Magazine.

In the early 2000s High Times magazine made its first grow movies featuring Jorge Cervantes. The movies featured many of our grow-rooms, greenhouses, gardens, and genetics. During the early 2000s I was a very prolific breeder, grower and collector of hundreds of strains and many crosses between. Several of our outdoor creations became famous all across Canada for their hardy genetics and potent big flowers. We were regularly recognized in many top publications worldwide for our genetics.

In 2008 we moved our breeding operation to Europe and spent 9 years in Holland and Spain continuing to breed with our best Canadian genetics. During the time we spent in Europe we learned how to produce top quality feminized and auto-flower seeds. After moving to Spain we discontinued several outdoor strains because we were now growing in a different latitude. In 2017 we returned our main breeding facility back to Canada. Now that we are back, we have some of our old classic strains coming back too!

next gen growers
Jorge Cervantes filming at our farm, 2005
Island Sweet Skunk
Island Sweet Skunk on cover of Skunk Magazine

We’ve spent a lot of time traveling, collecting genetics, and testing our seeds in different climates. As a plant breeder its been a great opportunity to see how our strains performed at different latitudes and environments. Over the past 25 years we’ve heard a lot of feedback from growers all around the world with our genetics and many other cannabis varieties.. This experience makes us very qualified to recommend a strain that’s right for you and your growing environment.


When we’re selecting new hybrids, testing landrace strains, and creating new strains, every plant breeder has different priorities, techniques and needs. Our number one priority when breeding has always been flavor. We smoke what we breed, and its gotta taste great to make it into the breeding program.

When Next Generation Seed Company produces seeds we focus on the quality and shelf life of the seed over the number of seeds per plant. Many new inexperienced or greedy breeders will pollenate later to get more seeds per plant, but this often produces seeds with a shorter shelf life.
We pollenate our plants a little earlier than many breeders. We also grow them way way over the normal peak flower period(2-3 weeks over) until they are on the verge of death. The plants are fertilized until the very end of their lives to help ensure the seeds a long viability.
“Hash Quest in Morocco” with High Times Magazine March 2010 issue.
“Hash Quest in Morocco” with High Times Magazine March 2010 issue.