Grapefruit Haze


The quality of this hybrid plant is obvious when you see it, smell it, and taste it. It has a good yield and best of all the hazy flavor comes through strong. The father is our F4 Grapefruit male, his offspring are hardy and sweet. When we selected a Skunk#1/Haze to cross with him, we looked for a plant with bud density and that Haze high and flavour. The lady we selected is very crystalline and silvery in appearance. For many years we have been making new selections and gradually improving the flavour and potency of this strain.
Blending the two creates a wonderful flavor and high. A very full spectrum high that is versatile medicinally for many conditions. Its top quality means less is needed for a complete buzz. Our Grapefruit Haze is one of the favourites in medical clubs.
*It was rated #1 strain for THC level(out of hundreds) in the 2013 Barcelona Spannibis Expo.
Flowering Time:
Indoors: 65 days
Outdoors: October 25-30