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Where is the Romulan?


By far the number 1 question I receive is “why don’t you have pure Romulan in stock?”.


Last year I returned my breeding operation back to Canada after 9 years in Europe. The last few years in Europe I produced very few regular seeds and concentrated on feminized because that’s what the majority of the market demanded. About 1.5-2 years ago, before leaving I produced a large amount of feminized seeds. I under-estimated the demand for Romulan and they sold out very fast.

Once back in Canada I needed to prioritize which varieties to produce. First job was to get my mother room re-established with my clone mothers for breeding. Then I set about breeding several batches of regulars to get many of the old favorites back in the catalog. After growing a crop of Romulan to select the perfect male I kept clones of this stud for my future Romulan breeding. About 8 months ago we let him free on a room of ladies of many different varieties;

Romulan male x;

  1. Romulan (pure Romulan)
  2. Master Kush (Romulan Kush)
  3. Island Sweet Skunk (Romulan ISS)
  4. Grapefruit (Romulan Grapefruit)
  5. Blueberry (Blueberry Punch)
  6. NY Purple Diesel (Romulan Diesel)
  7. Skunk x Haze (Romulan Haze)
  8. Purple Pineberry #1 (dense high production pheno)
  9. Purple Pineberry #2 (super resin pheno)

We only made 4 – 5000 of each due to space limitations at that time. The pure Romulan sold out almost instantly to just a few lucky customers. It never even had the chance to make it into a package.

Since then, we’ve established another new breeding location and Romulan(regular seed) is scheduled for the next round. We are estimating a late spring release. The Romulan seeds will be more expensive than the Romulan crosses, not only because they are more in demand, but because they are more expensive to produce. Romulan is not a very high production strain, it’s a high potency/flavour strain. Romulan only produces 50% of the bud/seed compared to our big yielding strains.

Romulans’ lower yields might turn off many people, but anyone who’s tried it will know that its worth it. It’s a very, very sedative strain, that’s why it’s a medical favorite and I don’t recommend it for daytime use. For most growers/users I suggest to try the Romulan hybrids, they will get higher yields, and a more enjoyable product to use threw-out the day.