Our first blog

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Hi, Welcome to my first blog. I’m going to try and keep everyone updated regularly on current breeding
projects, experimental crosses, and Events we may be attending, etc.. and probably a few rants about the
messed up form that “legalization” appears to be taking in Canada.

I’ve been back in Canada since the end of 2016. The past few months has seen a lot of my old seed collections
being grown out after 8 years in storage! Funny how smells bring back instant memories. The old Pineberry seeds
I just grew out brought me right back to memories of my old friend Bobs’ musty sailboat and sailing boatloads
of freshly harvested Pineberry down the inside coast of Vancouver Island. A couple of the Island Sweet Skunk phenos
sent me back to my very first growhouse in 1996.

Since I’ve returned in late 2016, I have planted alot of my old stock! For 9 years I lived in excile seeing what the
rest of the wo=rld has to offer! Now I’m back! bringing the old svchool genetics

I’ve been finding some great new mothers in all the recent crops. Can’t wait to show them off!
A few of the seed experiments going on now are:
Purple Pineberry x Chemdog#4
Grapegod x Blueberry
Grapegod x (Med-Man)MasterKush
several Grapefruit Haze phenos
Grapefruit Diesel F1 and F3’s
NYPurple Diesel
Golden Skunk

But my most exciting work is with the old school Romulan seeds! So many Romulan cross seeds have been coming threw the
garden that I barely know where to start. Many of the seeds I started on my return have been about 10 years
old, I’ve gotten about 20-40% germination on the old stock.. Some of these strain have not been available to the public
in about 15 years!

These Romulan hybrid seeds will be on the shelves very soon!!
1. Blueberry Punch(Romulan x Blueberry)
2. Stinky(Romulan x Grapefruit)
3. Medicine(Romulan x ISS)
4. Romulan Haze
5. Romulan Kush

There is a limited supply of the Grapefruit x Blueberry and Grapegod x (MM)MasterKush available.
10 regular seeds – $60cdn. Go to the “Limited Edition” section for more details.